Ali Alexander, CJ Pearson Celebrate After President Trump Frees A$AP Rocky From Swedish Prison

President Trump announced today that A$AP Rocky has been released from Swedish prison and his supporters are celebrating.

President Trump tweeted out today that A$AP Rocky has been released from Swedish prison after the recording artist was held for weeks on a false charge.

Prominent conservatives Ali Alexander and CJ Pearson, who brought the rapper’s situation to the attention of the White House and the State Department, celebrated the news.

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich acknowledged Alexander and Pearson’s pivotal role in freeing Rocky.

Cernovich also called out “Democrat racists mad that a wrongfully jailed black American is free.” Democrat Kamala Harris scolded President Trump for working to free A$AP Rocky.

After President Trump’s hostage negotiator Robert O’Brien went to Sweden, a key witness in the case against Rocky admitted that she didn’t actually see Rocky using a bottle to hit the criminal Afghan migrant that attacked him.

Trump supporter Jevaughn Brown called for a “victory lap livestream” with Alexander and Pearson smoking cigars.

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Andrew Meyer