Ali Alexander Encounters ISIS Flag In Minneapolis

During his investigation of Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, Ali Alexander discovered an ISIS flag on a wall

  • While traveling in Minneapolis during his investigation into Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Ali Alexander observed an ISIS flag drawn on a wall in a parking lot.
  • The flag contained writing in Arabic, along with “long live the caliphate” scrawled in English.

Alexander stated the area is locally known as ‘Little Mogadishu’. Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia, where Omar was raised.

Alexander launched an investigation into “Jihad Ilhan” with Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl last week.

Culttture will continue to post updated on our editorial director Ali Alexander’s investigation into Ilhan Omar.

An arrest of a pro-Omar criminal took place earlier today while a Culttture team member had an American flag stolen at an “Islamic relief” event.

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Carter West