Ali Alexander, Jacob Wohl, and Laura Loomer Launch Investigation Into Ilhan Omar

Omar may have committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother

  • Ali Alexander, Laura Loomer, and Jacob Wohl intend to travel to Minneapolis and Washington D.C. to investigate Democrat Ilhan Omar
  • Omar has been accused of marrying her brother in order to illegally migrate to the United States.
  • The investigators intend to report any criminal findings to the U.S. Federal Government and ICE.

Ali Alexander, Laura Loomer, and Jacob Wohl have announced they are investigating Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Omar apologized recently for hateful comments she made about Jews, and she is now being investigated for immigration fraud.

Culttture has launched a fundraising page in support of this effort.

Wohl believes Omar will be arrested and deported by the end of this investigation should she refuse to resign.

Culttture editorial director Ali Alexander spoke live about the investigation, and answered questions in a second stream.

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Carter West