James Gunn is Back with New Movie, Brightburn, And An Internet Cleanup Crew Took Down Ali Alexander’s Gunn Series on Medium

Ali Alexander's ban from Medium coincided with the release of James Gunn's new film

  • In a periscope on last week, Ali Alexander discussed the history he and filmmaker Mike Cernovich have reporting on filmmaker James Gunn.  
  • Ali went on to discuss his history and recent ban from the blogging platform Medium. 
  • On Thursday, the trailer for James Gunn’s new movie, Brightburn, was released.
  • Shortly after the Brightburn trailer was released, Ali Alexander was deplatformed on Medium.

Months ago, Ali Alexander and Mike Cernovich spearheaded the effort to reveal Disney director James Gunn’s professed affinity for the sexualization of young children. Gunn consistently expressed support for pedophile content for over a decade, and was forced to delete over 10,000 tweets following Cernovich and Alexander’s reporting.

Following their efforts, both Alexander and Cernovich were subjected to hit pieces by the mainstream media.

With Medium deplatforming Alexander so close to the release date of Gunn’s new film, he went on Periscope to blast the platform’s action.

Alexander explained how he has worked closely with Medium in the past, writing about Martin Luther King, race relations, forgiveness and nuance, and topics unrelated to politics. Medium is also the only outlet that contained the breadth of Alexander’s reporting on Gunn’s vulgar comments.

Gunn’s new movie Brightburn is a portrayal of a young superman who, after discovering his powers, embarks to indiscriminately murder everyone he encounters except his mother.

In his periscope, Alexander proclaimed his ban by Medium is an effort to mitigate negative publicity about James Gunn and his new film.

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Carter West