Ali Alexander Scores Victory Over Kamala Harris, Corporate Media Stays Mad

After weeks of attacks from Kamala Harris's campaign, Ali Alexander claimed a major victory and corporate media is upset about it.

After weeks of attacks from Kamala Harris‘s campaign, prominent conservative Ali Alexander claimed a major victory earlier this month.

A major black publication acknowledged Alexander was correct in tweeting that Harris had falsely claimed African-American heritage.

Harris was born to a Jamaican father whose family owned slaves and an Indian mother.

One News Now reported the same information tweeted by Alexander, and another prominent black conservative, radio host Larry Elder, also shared the One News Now’s reporting.

“Harris’ desperate attempt to pander to the minority vote by claiming victimization – claiming during one debate to be the only candidate representing minorities on stage – has ended up pulling in abysmal results from the African American community…” the article reported.

On Twitter, many credited Alexander for bringing down Kamala Harris’s campaign, which has fallen significantly in the polls.

Alexander did not take all the credit, but did declare, “I’m very proud to be the architect.”

Corporate media outlets like The New Yorker have printed false information and hit pieces regarding Alexander for weeks because of his work exposing Harris.

In one New Yorker article, writer Dana Goodyear falsely claimed that Alexander’s tweet said Harris was not a black American.

On August 10, The Washington Post called Alexander’s tweeting a “birther-like campaign” despite Alexander never questioning Harris’s place of birth.

Alexander livestreamed about The Washington Post’s disinformation.

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Andrew Meyer