Ali Alexander Wins Big: Estimates 50 Million Americans Now Questioning Kamala Harris

After Ali Alexander went viral with a tweet during the second presidential debate, he garnered an estimated $10 million in "earned media."

Over the weekend, television anchors and presidential candidates alike used their voices to combat prominent conservative Ali Alexander.

Alexander went viral with a tweet during the second presidential debate, exposing candidate Kamala Harris‘s ancestry. While Harris claimed to be African American, Alexander revealed to the masses that her lineage comes from India and Jamaican slave owners.

CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and the NY Times and were just some of the corporate media outlets that spent time attacking Alexander, with the NY Times printing a conspiracy theory hoax that his tweet’s popularity was due to bots. The hoax has already been debunked by Twitter.

Alexander reports he has been getting over 3000 Twitter notification an hour due to the publicity.

Alexander further estimates the value of the “fake news media hit pieces” against him at $10 million.

Here is a screenshot of Alexander’s tweet appearing on MSNBC.

Alexander’s viral tweet also found its way to CBS’s Face the Nation.

Alexander says that “Lots of African-American youth are contacting me on Instagram and other places,” thanks to the media coverage. He estimates that 50 million Americans are now looking into the truth of Kamala Harris’s ancestry and cultural appropriation.

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Andrew Meyer