Sebastian Gorka Discussed CNN Rose Garden Fracas, 2020, With Ali Alexander

After CNN's Brian Karem tried to fight Gorka at the White House, Gorka discussed the incident and the 2020 election with Alexander.

On Sebastian Gorka‘s radio show America First today, he interviewed Ali Alexander and discussed how CNN analyst Brian Karem tried to start a fight with Gorka at the White House’s Social Media Summit.

“He crossed over, people missed this,” said Gorka. “The guy who’s a journalist crossed over the rope line into our space.”

Alexander witnessed Karem’s attempt to start a fight, and told Gorka, “Honestly they ought to pull his press credential. That’s a danger to, I think, the President, the White House staff, and certainly us, honored guests of the President at the Rose Garden. He challenged you to a fight and wanted to physically harm you. “

Alexander and Gorka also discussed the upcoming 2020 election, and Alexander spoke about the importance of winning.

“I really think that this is the most important election of our lifetime,” said Alexander. “That if we’re not all active, if we’re not all tweeting, if we’re not all Facebook posting, if we’re not demonstrating that we need these rights to hold these tyrant accountable, in a peaceful way, I’m really afraid of what happens next. History tells us that it gets very, very violent. And this is what our adversaries and our enemies want, and the media is in collusion – ironically enough – with those enemies.”

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Andrew Meyer