Ali Alexander may descend on Ilhan Omar with powerful Jewish allies

Ali is in talks with Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl to investigate Ilhan Omar

  • Ali Alexander announced today: “I will be leading an investigation in the status of Ilhan Omar. Some call her “Jihad Ilhan.”
  • Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar apologized this week for her Twitter posts that raised questions over whether she has hatred for Jewish people.
  • Journalist Laura Loomer previously confronted Ilhan Omar over her ties to radical Islamic terrorists.
  • Jacob Wohl created a petition expressing concern over Omar’s congressional committee assignments.

” I want an investigation into @IlhanMN; even if I have to fly to Minnesota myself for answers,” Ali Alexander tweeted today. “If what is going around is true, she should meet the full penalty of the law and face expulsion from not only the House but the country. I want to investigate and find the truth.”

On a live periscope, Ali vowed to lead an investigation into Omar.

Ali is working with journalist Laura Loomer and is already in talks with Jacob Wohl, who started a petition out of concern for Omar’s congressional foreign affairs committee assignment.

“Laura and I talk every day. I talk to @JacobAWohl every day too,” Ali tweeted. “I’m basically an adopted Jew as an already fellow Semite.”

In addition to finding a troubling tweet by Omar, Ali also retweeted journalist Pardes Seleh and her concerns about Omar’s alleged marriage to her brother.

Seleh asked “Was ilhan omar really married to her brother? If yes, gross!!!! If not, why isn’t anybody denying it. If she wasn’t actually romantic with her bro and only married to bypass legal immigration wtf is she doing in congress. so many questions.”

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Andrew Meyer