An0maly Roasts Jimmy Kimmel on His Deceptive MAGA Challenge Video

Jimmy Kimmel excluded every black American and rappers with talent from his video montage of entries into the MAGA Challenge.

Last week, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he would choose winners to rapper Bryson Gray‘s MAGA Challenge.

In response to this announcement, corporate media host Jimmy Kimmel, who has repeatedly worn blackface, excluded every black American rapper from his video montage of entries into the MAGA Challenge.

Rapper Bryson Gray, a black American himself, was outraged by the exclusion.

“Wait….so you did ANOTHER compilation without showing any black rappers? Wtf! These versions weren’t bad though but damn…are you that racist?” wrote Gray.

Rap star An0maly, who made a video for the MAGA Challenge, immediately fired back at Kimmel.

An0maly’s verse to Kimmel:

“Jimmy Kimmel wanna hate on us ’cause he’s a bitch. Let his city burn in Hell like a piece of shit. I know Kanye West showed you who Jesus is. So now you tryin to hate on us you a demon kid. You and Ellen should be yellin’ about California, shit and piss on the streets causin paranoia. Kids can’t even walk to school without tents and drugs. The airs poisoned like China it’s beatin up your lungs. And all you pussy puppets do is talk about Trump. While right outside your studio it’s lookin like a dump. The streets are getting worse, fires burning up your state. Poverty and homelessness is at a record rate. 2020 we gon win again and make it great. In the meantime Kimmel you a fuckin’ fake.”

Bryson Gray shared An0maly’s rap, tweeting “THIS.”

Other prominent Trump supporters also noticed Kimmel’s exclusion of black people from his montage of MAGA Challenge rappers.

An0maly recently appeared on Fox News and OAN to talk about the environment during the recent climate change hysteria.

“I was a huge believer in Climate Change as a youth. I wanted to save the environment. Then I caught one lie. Then two. Then three. Then I read the current data. Then I realized they’ve been exaggerating & fear-mongering headlines for decades,” tweeted An0maly in a thread that went viral.

While corporate media was pushing climate hysteria, An0maly was one of the independent media creators who recently documented the cleanup of 50 tons of Los Angeles trash by conservative volunteers organized by Trump supporter Scott Presler.

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Andrew Meyer