Anderson Cooper Refused to Say Terrence K. Williams’s Name While Belittling Him

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper belittled comedian Terrence K. Williams on air, but refused to even say Williams's name.

After receiving a retweet from President Trump, comedian Terrence K. Williams went viral with his jokes about the possible involvement of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

CNN host Anderson Cooper took shots at Williams on air after Trump’s retweet, but refused to say Williams’s name.

Cooper took issue with Trump calling Williams a “well respected” comedian.

Williams, who grew up poor and in foster homes, took issue with Cooper belittling him by mocking his success.

Williams responded to the CNN anchor in a fiery video, telling Cooper, “My name is Terrence Williams and don’t you forget it.”

Williams went on to say “You only mention black people’s name when they’ve been shot and killed by white cops.”

CNN has a history of refusing to name prominent black supporters of President Trump, but has both named white nationalist Richard Spencer and allowed him to have uncritical access to their audience.

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Chris Gregory