Andrew Dice Clay Speaks Up For Roseanne Barr [Video]

"The Diceman" said he is going to start doing shows with Roseanne in a clap-back to outrage culture.

  • On Tuesday, comedian Andrew Dice Clay posted a short video on Facebook where he offered words of support for Roseanne Barr after her show was cancelled by ABC last year.
  • Describing Roseanne as “one of the greatest comics ever,” Dice stated that he was going to “back her up” and start doing shows with her.
  • Andrew Dice Clay “The Diceman” was the first comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden in 1990 for two consecutive nights.

In a recent video posted to Facebook, Clay made it clear that he stands behind Roseanne Barr after drawing from similar experiences he’s had being “banned his whole career.”

In the short clip, Clay questioned our culture’s current state of affairs, asking “…is that where we are? If you say something – and don’t mean it – you lose a whole career? Well that’s f**ked up.”

Watch the 1-minute-long video below:

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Clint Whitney