Hip-Hop Artist and News Analyst, An0maly, Turns Off Cell Phone for 12 Days

He discovers that time moves very slow and that nothing changed in clown world while he was disconnected.

  • An0maly took a 12 day break from his cell phone after realizing he was spending 12 hours a day looking at his phone
  • He took some time to vacation and read books
  • Realized nothing changed in the world after returning and wonders about the psychological effects of too much time in the digital world

An0maly (@legendaryenergy) on Twitter, known for his news analysis and Hip-Hop music on Youtube (I Like Trump), decided it was time for a break from his cell phone when the app that tells you how much screen time you use reported him spending 12 hours a day on his phone and realizing a lot of that was not for work.

His last tweet from 12 days ago said he would be right back.

He came back today with some thoughts on his time away from the digital world. He noticed when he would take a break from his work to go hiking that he would spend ten to 15 minutes enjoying it but then those 15 minutes would turn into thirty minutes or an hour and that “the phone has become almost like a prison”. On a psychological level he wonders if it’s not good for us and might be keeping us from doing what we should be doing in real life.

He took some time to take a vacation and read books. One of the books he read was “How To Win Friends and Influence” by Dale Carnegie. He notes how common sense it is and how people don’t really know how to act in the world anymore and this is why people like Jordan Peterson and life coaches are so popular these days teaching these simple truths in life.

“A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men,” a quote by Thomas Carlyle mentioned in this book. Watch the full video recap of his 12 days away.

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Yvonne Burton