Ashley StClair Was Yelled At by an Unhinged Mob that Hates American Flag, Troops

One girl screamed, "f*ck the troops" while dancing on a pole, and a disheveled man leaned into her camera to say "f*ck the troops."

Ashley StClair visited her local ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, over the weekend, and found herself being screamed at by an anti-America mob.

“Deranged liberals threw a US flag on the ground & raised the Mexican flag at an ICE center,” StClair tweeted. “I thought these illegals were ‘asylum seekers’ running from their awful country. Why fly the flag of the same country oppressing you?”

Fleccas Talks host Austen Fletcher, no stranger to recording hysterical anti-American mobs, saw the video and tweeted, “Wow what a crew!”

StClair was confronted by a man in a purple dress, a girl screaming “f*ck the troops” while dancing on a sign pole, and an overweight guy with a scraggly beard leaning into her camera to say “f*ck the troops.”

Asked what the craziest thing she witnessed was, StClair told Culttture, “When the girl started pole dancing and saying ‘fuck the troops’ because you see videos of how crazy the Left can be online but seeing that in person was surreal. They truly hate America and our flag and everything it stands for.”

StClair posted the statement of Aurora candidate for Mayor Mike Coffman supporting the American flag, after the Aurora City Council watched as the mob lowered and disrespected it.

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Andrew Meyer