Ben Shapiro Hates President Trump’s Social Media Summit, Tells Him to ‘Shut the Hell Up,’ Promotes Anti-Gun Andrew Yang

Shapiro "thinks Trump should just 'shut the hell up' and shouldn’t host 'conspiracy theorists' at the White House," reported An0maly.

Ben Shapiro, who has defended pedophilia enthusiast James Gunn, is not happy that President Trump held a Social Media Summit convening with many of his popular supporters.

Shapiro is an apologist for the Iraq War, has claimed President Trump would nominate liberal Supreme Court Justices, and said he would not vote in the 2016 election.

Shapiro today repeated his support for gun-hating Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Yang has proposed fining gun manufacturers $1 million every time someone is “killed by their weapons.”

Prominent conservative Ali Alexander has been calling out Shapiro’s support for Yang at the expense of President Trump for months.

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Andrew Meyer