Billboard Supporting General Flynn Appears in Times Square

The billboard appeared thanks in part to Twitter user TrumpGirlStrong, best known as Saltwater Patricia


A massive billboard supporting General Flynn appeared in Times Square over the weekend.

The billboard appeared in part thanks to Trump supporter Patricia Marie Passaretti, better known as Saltwater Patricia on Twitter.

“I’ve got incredible access to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not billboard in Times Square (through my work with Red State Talk Radio) so I thought I’d use it for good,” Passaretti told Culttture. “The folks there have been really generous in allowing me to use it for the Flynn family. It is my hope that people will continue to donate to these amazing people.”

“I’ve been friends with Michael Jr for a few years & his dad is such an honorable man,” said Passaretti. “I’ve watched this process he’s been going through and I feel terrible that he’s been railroaded the way he has. I’m looking forward to the day General Flynn is vindicated.”

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Andrew Meyer