EXCLUSIVE: Cassandra Fairbanks Goes to War to Protect Hallmark Movies

Fairbanks was suspended from livestreaming on Facebook after asking for volunteers to protect Hallmark's wholesome movies.

Hallmark Channel, the maker of wholesome Christmas movies loved by women across America, was besieged recently by gay activist groups over it’s programming decisions – and journalist Cassandra Fairbanks is having none of it.

Hallmark CEO Mike Perry was forced to apologize after the Hallmark Channel pulled an advertisement featuring a same-sex couple kissing at the altar. Hallmark then announced it would work with the gay activist group GLAAD “to better represent the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands.”

In response, Fairbanks started raising an army.

“I’m currently taking applications for my mom-militia to protect hallmark,” tweeted Fairbanks.

“If you give the left an inch they will demand a mile. Hallmark never should have caved, but now we must protect them by making ourselves heard,” Fairbanks told Culttture. “I want to watch predictable feel good movies about reporters going home to small town USA and being swept off their feet by a guy with slightly too much stubble who runs a Christmas tree farm, starring Lacey Chabert. I might riot the day they make an ‘I’m a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man’ film.”

Fairbanks was suspended from livestreaming on Facebook over her defense of Hallmark.

“I never use Facebook, but I figured I might be able to rally some troops over there,” Fairbanks told Culttture.

Fairbanks has praised Hallmark’s Christmas movies for years, and she is not happy with the activists trying to change their content.

“Hallmark is the only thing good and pure left in this world,” wrote Fairbanks. “Just good romantic wholesome movies with no feminist bullshit about how we don’t need men. Don’t you dare try and take this from me lefties.”

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Andrew Meyer