Chase Bank Suspends Laura Loomer’s Online Banking

Loomer was also suspended from PayPal amidst her campaign for conservatives to go dark on social media.

Laura Loomer had her online banking suspended by Chase Bank today.

“Can’t even access my online bank now,” Loomer told Culttture. Here is the message Loomer received when she logged into her account.

Loomer called the bank and was told she needed to go into a branch and show two forms of identification.

“So I did that, and they still told me they can’t give me access. They didn’t say why,” Loomer told Culttture. “They lied. I called to reactivate it and nothing happened.”

Loomer was banned from PayPal two days ago after already being banned from Venmo and GoFundMe. Loomer had launched a campaign today for conservatives to stay off social media for 48 hours in protest of social media bans like her ban from Twitter, and prominent conservatives like Michelle Malkin are joining her.

Are banking services coordinating to retaliate against for Loomer for her campaign against social media censorship?

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Andrew Meyer