CJ Pearson Launches Last Hope USA to Fight Indoctrination in Schools

Pearson announced he is launching Last Hope USA with the intention of fighting "the pervasive liberal indoctrination" in American schools.

Prominent young conservative CJ Pearson announced on Monday that he is launching Last Hope USA, a non-profit organization, with the intention of fighting “the pervasive liberal indoctrination that exists within our schools.”

“Not enough kids know about the founding ideals upon which the country was built, and their left wing educators take advantage of this fact,” wrote Pearson. “I’ve founded @lasthopeusa to put a stop to this.”

Pearson received resounding support on Twitter.

“Many in my generation are friendly to the idea of Socialism, mostly because they have been indoctrinated to believe it,” wrote podcast host Noah Ring, 18. “My friend @thecjpearson wants to put an end to that, that is why he launched @lasthopeusa.”

Pearson also received congratulations from OAN host Jack Posobiec, Culttture publisher Ali Alexander, and Red Pilled America host Adryana Cortez.

Pearson has already assembled a team of ambassadors ready to bring his organization to life, with civics education a major goal on the young activists’s minds.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced this week that he ordered Florida’s education commissioner to mandate civics courses be added back to public high schools statewide.

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Andrew Meyer