CNN Analyst Brian Karem’s White House Press Pass Suspended After He Tried Starting Fight

Karem's press pass was suspended for 30 days after he tried to fight Sebastian Gorka at the White House Social Media Summit.

  • CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem received an email stating his White House Press has been suspended for thirty days.
  • Karem admits this is in response to an incident on July 11th when he described “summit attendees as a group of people eager for demonic possession.”
  • Sebastian Gorka confronted Karem about what his behavior and Karem tried to start a fight, asking if Gorka wanted to step outside.

Brian Karem’s press pass suspension for thirty days had the twitterverse riled up, with the left wing claiming assaults on the First Amendment and the right celebrating the appropriate response for someone insulting White House guests and trying to instigate a fight.

Brian Karem, who writes for Playboy and is a usual member of the White House press corps, tweeted about the email he received letting him know his press pass had been suspended.

The July 11th incident was reported on by the corporate media, initially leaving out the part where Karem had instigated the altercation and making it look as if Gorka was just a hot head. Many in independent media responded by sharing the full video which showed Karem had instigated the whole thing.

Several people who attended the July 11th event confronted Brian Karem about his behavior towards Sebastion Gorka. Karem revealed what might be the issue that had him unnerved, telling Joy Villa and Brandom Tatum that they are not real journalists and explains to them why he and his cohorts are the real journalists.

We may be seeing the real problem here that has Karem fit to be tied. He doesn’t like the idea of new media being able to compete with dinosaur media, but he doesn’t realize the internet has paved the way for information to spread without the permission of gatekeepers. Karem said a lot of the same things to Mike Cernovich a couple of years ago when Mike called out the press corps for not addressing violence against Trump supporters.

Brian Karem says he will appeal his suspension.

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Yvonne Burton