CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Pushes Kamala Harris’s ‘Russian Bot’ Hoax

CNN's O'Sullivan cited unnamed researchers provided by the Harris campaign claiming to provide evidence of a 'Russian bot attack.'

CNN‘s Donie O’Sullivan has published a story uncritically citing researchers promoted by Democrat Kamala Harris‘s campaign claiming she is the victim of “Russian bots.”

O’Sullivan has previously written on his personal Twitter account that the debunked claim of Russian bot attack on Harris might be true.

After Twitter debunked the source of O’Sullivan’s first article on the subject, he published a second article Tuesday on CNN without naming the sources cited by the Harris campaign claiming the ‘Russian bot attack’ is real.

Earlier this month, O’Sullivan spread conspiracies about prominent conservative Ali Alexander – while falsely accusing him of spreading conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris.

After Alexander went viral revealing Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris‘s real ethnicity, O’Sullivan spread theories from the author of a hoax conspiracy theory that claimed Alexander went viral because of bots. Twitter had already debunked the hoax spread by the conspiracy theorist cited by CNN’s O’Sullivan.

Harris falsely claimed the history of African-Americans, but descends from a mother from India and a Jamaican father whose family owned slaves.

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Andrew Meyer