Timeline: CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan’s Kamala Harris Bot Net Story Collapses so He Just Starts Making Things Up

O'Sullivan spread conspiracy theories about Ali Alexander while falsely accusing him of spreading conspiracy theories about Harris.

Earlier this week, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan spread conspiracies about Ali Alexander – while falsely accusing him of spreading conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris.

After Alexander went viral revealing Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris‘s real ethnicity, O’Sullivan spread theories from the author of a hoax conspiracy theory that claimed Alexander went viral because of bots. Twitter had already debunked the hoax spread by the conspiracy theorist cited by CNN’s O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan’s wild theorizing that the claims of a debunked conspiracy theorist might be true smack of partisan desperation.

“CNN’s @Donie has not reached out for comment but he did use Mueller-will-arrest-Trump conspiracy theorist @RVAwonk‘s comments to defame me,” Alexander wrote on Twitter.

Alexander became a major target of CNN after exposing Harris’s false claims to the history of African-Americans during a Democrat presidential debate. Harris’s parents are immigrants from India and Jamaica, and her Jamaican father’s ancestors were slave owners.

Alexander has been receiving death threats following the false reporting of CNN’s O’Sullivan.

A real bot net was discovered last December of thousands of fake Russian accounts designed to give the impression the Russian government was supporting Roy Moore in Alabama’s election for Senate. The bot net was created by Democratic operatives, funded by left wing billionaire Reid Hoffman, and facilitated by a former Obama official.

A Twitter search reveals CNN’s Donie Sullivan has tweeted about Reid Hoffman funding a real bot net designed to influence elections a total of…zero times.

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Andrew Meyer