CNN’s Jim Acosta Got Triggered and Screamed at Mark Dice to “F*ck Off”

Popular YouTube star Mark Dice was at the White House to attend President Trump's Social Media Summit and Acosta was mad.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who once assaulted a young female staffer in the White House, screamed at popular YouTube star Mark Dice to “f*ck off” after President Trump’s Social Media Summit at the White House.

Dice asked Acosta about his unpopular book in the Rose Garden after President Trump spoke, and Acosta told Dice, “Say hi to your mom for me.”

The day after the summit, Dice ran into Acosta on the streets of Washington D.C., and Acosta screamed at Dice to “f*ck off,” as soon as Dice turned his camera off.

Prominent conservative Ali Alexander witnessed Acosta’s behavior at the White House.

“The media was unfettered partisan violent hacks trying to incite violence. I think that the White House ought to kick out Jim Acosta and Brian Karem for violating the decorum, disgracing their profession, and dishonoring the people’s White House,” said Alexander, who witnessed both Acosta’s behavior and CNN’s Brian Karem‘s attempt to start a fight with radio host Sebastian Gorka.

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Andrew Meyer