As CPAC Kicks Off, Donald Trump Jr. Talks Tech Bias With Laura Loomer

At CPAC, Loomer asked Don Jr. to talk to President Trump about stopping Big Tech bias

CPAC 2019 got off to a big start on Thursday, with Donald Trump Jr. among the popular voices arriving at the conservative conference.

Trump Jr. recently helped get Raheem Kassam unbanned from Facebook, and journalist Laura Loomer asked him about the need to stop social media bias and censorship.

About the need to “push back” the bias and censorship online, Trump Jr. said, “It’s time.”

Loomer was recently banned from PayPal after being blacklisted from Twitter and several other Big Tech companies.

Trump Jr. was also spotted taking pictures with designer Andre Soriano.

Diamond and Silk were among the most popular CPAC speakers on Thursday.

Turning Point USA later electrified many from the CPAC crowd while throwing an event called ‘AMERICA FEST.’

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