Culttture Defeats Fraudulent Hollywood DMCA Claims, Returns to Twitter

After over three weeks of being "permanently suspended" from Twitter, Culttture has been reinstated on the platform.

After over three weeks of being “permanently suspended” from Twitter, Culttture has been reinstated on the platform.

Culttture was suspended after major Hollywood corporations filed fraudulent DMCA claims in rapid succession.

As a news gathering organization, Culttture made fair use of the content claimed by the Big Hollywood corporations, and Twitter recognized Culttture acted in accordance with its terms of service.

In a Periscope, Culttture‘s Ali Alexander pointed out that these same Hollywood corporations have not made similar false claims on other organizations. “It’s interesting they’re not censoring Daily Wire,” said Alexander.

Culttture isn’t a conservative outlet,” Alexander said. “Culttture is an outlet that is accurately covering dissident voices on the right.”

Culttture‘s Daniel Bostic explained the process used to restore Culttture on Twitter, and how other banned outlets may be able to use this case as precedent.

Many on Twitter welcomed Culttture back to the platform.

Culttture has started a Telegram channel to hedge against further censorship, and readers can support the website by signing up as premium members.

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Andrew Meyer