Week in Review with Elly Maye — Episode 1

It’s been a wild week in the culture wars. Elly Maye looks back on the week of January 13 2019.

The fantastic Elly Maye launches her new series with Culture!
  • John Goodman vs Roseanne Barr.
  • Fleccas has something up his sleeve.
  • Jim Acosta gets self-owned at the border and with old tweets he made during the Obama Administration.
  • CNN gets called out by San Diego station KUSI for not wanting to talk to them about walls after they find out their reporting shows walls work.
  • After receiving a permanent ban from Twitter, Ali Alexander

Elly Maye gives us a sneak peak at President Trump’s wall inspiration in Texas, with CNN’s Jim Acosta. Ali Alexander was permanently banned on Twitter, only to get a reversal from the social media giant. John Goodman praised Roseanne Barr for her decision to allow her hit show to continue without Roseanne’s character.

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Elly Maye


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