EXCLUSIVE: Owen Shroyer on Bullhorning the NY Times, Laughing at Comedy Central

A NY Times writer tweeted and deleted fake news about Owen Shroyer, and Comedy Central's Jordan Klepper ran away from him.

Last week, Owen Shroyer roamed the streets of New York City in the Infowars ‘Battle Tank,’ and used the vehicle’s megaphone to spread Christmas cheer and messages like “Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.”

Shroyer eventually took his good tidings to the offices of the NY Times.

“The rally outside the NY Times building was pretty epic,” Shroyer told Culttture. “We had about a six or seven car caravan that showed up and we announced this thing about three hours before we kicked it off. Trump flags and Infowars fans everywhere. I was actually more surpised by the fact there’s more Infowars fans in New York City than Austin, Texas. It was like eighty percent of the people that saw us were like giving us the thumbs up and they loved us. Obviously there were the radical leftists out there cursing and screaming and knashing the teeth and flicking us off and saying all kinds of just crude comments but it was mostly support.”

Asked whether any NY Times employees dared to respond to Shroyer, he said “The NY Times staff just sat up in their ivory tower just staring down at us taking pictures, no one had the courage to come down.”

While none of the NY Times staff talked to Shroyer, one NY Times writer, Elizabeth Williamson, erroneously reported that “Nobody showed up” to join Shroyer in speaking out against the Times, and falsely claimed that he is being sued. She deleted her tweets.

“People in NYC like free speech, what do you know? The NY Times hates free speech, NYC loves free speech,” said Shroyer.

At a recent Trump rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Shroyer ran into another member of the corporate media, cancelled Comedy Central host Jordan Klepper. Klepper’s failed show, an attempt to mock Infowars, was cancelled for poor ratings.

“As far Jordan Klepper is concerned, I thought he’d be a cool guy…and he ends up just being awkward and rude,” said Shroyer.


Klepper was at the rally recording Trump supporters in an attempt to make fun of them on The Daily Show.

“They left as soon as I started talking to him,” said Shroyer.

At the same rally, an anti-Trump woman threw a punch at Shroyer after getting in his face with a high-pitched siren.

Shroyer was ready for her.

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Andrew Meyer