Fleccas and Roseanne Barr Discuss Politics, Culture, and the 2020 Election

A 2020 Trump victory is likely so long as conservatives can create and maintain a 'cool' culture according to Fleccas.

  • Tuesday, political commentator Austen Fletcher “Fleccas” joined actress Roseanne Barr on her YouTube series The Roseanne Show in a conversation that ranged from media manipulation to “good versus evil” and the potential for a new American renaissance.
  • Fleccas described the opportunity for conservatives to “soak up the average non-voter” in preparation for the 2020 election by fostering a “cooler community and culture.”
  • Roseanne praised Austen and people like him for “keeping a civil dialogue for human beings alive.”
Fleccas Roseanne

A YouTuber on the front lines of the American culture war, Austen Fletcher “Fleccas” told Roseanne that he’s predicting a 2020 victory for Donald Trump so long as the conservative movement can foster a more inviting and “cool” community.

When asked if he was afraid for his generation, Fleccas said that he was “afraid but hopeful” and explained that the right “has more in common with the average non-voter to make them not progressive enough for the mob, and once they’ve been disavowed by the mob, they’re political refugees, and as long as we’re offering a cooler community – a cooler culture – we’ll soak all of these people up in 2020.”

The idea that people have become “brainwashed” to the point that they “won’t even admit some of the good things he [Trump] has done, like criminal justice reform and the lowest unemployment rates in history” was also brought up in the discussion.

In closing, Fleccas posed the question “how many people can we wake up before the final bell?”

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Clint Whitney