Fog City Midge Red Pilled A Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco

"President Trump nominated an openly gay ambassador to Germany?"

Fog City Midge posted a video on Wednesday featuring her speaking to attendees of a Gay Pride Parade about the pro-LGBT actions taken by President Trump.

The results were astounding. While Midge was assaulted by at least one parade attendee, another interaction she had was actually mind blowing.

Midge captured herself blowing the mind of a Gay Pride parade attendee on camera.

“President Trump nominated an openly gay ambassador to Germany?”

“Yeah,” Midge responded to one parade attendee.

“This is all news to me, I’ve never heard of any of this,” he responded.

“All of this is true,” confirmed Midge, referring to her flyer containing information of actions President Trump has taken in support of the LGBT community.

“Damn, I’ve gotta do my research. I can’t believe this…Thank you for opening my mind. I’ll definitely look into this,” the parade attendee said.

The full exchange is in the video below.

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Andrew Meyer