Gavin McInnes Raises Over $200,000 For Lawsuit Against Failing SPLC

The SPLC has fired or accepted the resignations of several top executives since the lawsuit began.

On, Gavin McInnes has raised over $200,000 in two months for his lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

In the time since McInnes filed his lawsuit, the SPLC has:

  • Fired its founder Morris Dees amid accusations of sexual misconduct and racial discrimination.
  • Accepted the resignations of its president Richard Cohen and its legal director Rhonda Brownstein.

McInnes believes the SPLC shakeup is due largely to his lawsuit, because he is not interested in settling and wants to discover any hidden SPLC misdeeds.

“I’m not interested in settling – certainly not without getting discovery about how SPLC decided it was OK to do what it did to me, how that was vetted, who was responsible and who should have been,” McInnes told Culttture.

“Were they all busy doing the kind of stuff that’s coming out in the news instead of giving any thought to what they are doing to people or doing any actual research to confirm their lies?”

PayPal has already admitted to taking the SPLC’s advice on banning people from using its service, and they have blacklisted Gavin McInnes.

YouTube is among the many major corporations taking similar advice from the SPLC, and McInnes wants to see their emails.

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Daniel Bostic