Gavin McInnes Rips ‘Ray Donovan’ For Twisting Image of Proud Boys

McInnes ripped into the Showtime show after it presented a farcical version of the men's club he founded.

Gavin McInnes ripped into the Showtime series Ray Donovan after the show portrayed a farcical version of the men’s club he founded, the Proud Boys, as a militant white identity group. McInnes is currently suing the SPLC for making similar assertions. The current president of the Proud Boys is Afro-Latino congressional candidate Enrique Tarrio.

On his show Get Off My Lawn, McInnes lambasted Ray Donovan and the writer of the episode for portraying a farcical white identity-focused version of the Proud Boys.

McInnes has noted that his time with the Knights of Columbus played a role in the beginnings of the Proud Boys, and Ray Donovan called its version of his group the “Knights of Manhattan.”

“All men’s clubs, the central focus is beer,” said McInnes.

McInnes found a strange play created by the writer of this episode of Ray Donovan writer, and noted, “We are allowing radicals to write mainstream action shows because of political correctness.”

McInnes has repeatedly stated publicly that the Proud Boys was started as a joke to get his friend laid, but the corporate media has consistently portrayed them as a militant group, similar to this episode of Ray Donovan.

Get Off My Lawn, McInnes’s show, recently moved to the domain Censored.TV.

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Chris Gregory