Google Hides Top Search Result For Kamala Harris: Ethnicity

Ali Alexander went viral revealing Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris‘s real ethnicity, and Big Tech is working overtime to hide the evidence.

Harris claimed the history of African-Americans during a Democrat presidential debate, but her parents are immigrants from India and Jamaica, and her Jamaican father’s ancestors were slave owners.

On Google, a search for Kamala Harris populates with the additional words “husband,” “children,” and “parents,” as the top results.

On DuckDuckGo, the number one most popular search associated with Kamala Harris is – ethnicity.

A former Google engineer admitted yesterday that Google manually alters search results, further confirming previous reports by Breitbart and the Daily Caller.

“Google is intervening on Kamala Harris’ behalf. This is undisclosed corporate election interference,” Ali Alexander tweeted.

An estimated 50 million Americans began questioning Harris’s background after Alexander’s tweet went viral, and he has received hundreds of messages from black people who are upset with Harris.

Google is not the only Big Tech monopoly obscuring the truth about Kamala Harris’s ancestry and deception from voters.

When Facebook users post a certain article verifying the reporting of Ali Alexander, Facebook pops up an alert telling users their page may be restricted for sharing “false news.” Facebook’s pop-up also populates a story from a website called “Hoax Alert” that loads with a picture of the word “FALSE” in large red letters, attempting to counter the reporting on Harris’s ethnicity.

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Andrew Meyer