‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett Removed From Bernie Sanders Event Without Explanation

InfoWars contributor and conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett was removed by police during a Bernie Sanders rally.

  • (D) Bernie Sanders Presidential candidate held a ‘Free and Open’ (according to his website) rally in Pittsburg, Ohio on Sunday April 14th, 2019.
  • Before the rally started, Bennett was asked to leave by security
  • Kaitlin was soon after escorted out of the rally by police.

Bennett asked security why she was being removed from the event. They first responded with “It’s a private event.” She then informed the security that Sanders’ website for the event said it was ‘Free and open to the public’. Security then stated “I’m just not allowing you to be here.”

During the process of being escorted out of the building by both police and private security Bennett, very calmly, kept asking what she did wrong. The police responded in part by saying “This is a private event and therefore it’s considered private property. This is what I’ve (the police) have been told to by the campaign.”

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Chris Gregory