Hawk Newsome’s Full Interview For Film ‘Hoaxed’ Released

The complete interview with Hawk Newsome BLM Leader was published unedited.

The full unedited interview with Hawk Newsome from the new documentary Hoaxed was released on Sunday.

Newsome is the chairman of Black Lives Matter NY. His segment in Hoaxed has created a lot of reactions from the audience – especially the moment in the film where he asks “why haven’t I heard about this?”

Newsome has some interesting thoughts on media bias and how they cover incumbent politicians.

“It’s sad because you have people who are great candidates that are not getting media coverage, and the incumbents and people doing a disservice to the community are always on the news and the constituents always see their faces,” said Newsome. “A lot of these people don’t even have to pay for media ads because they are always in the media.”

Newsome added, “I think anti-establishment candidates on both sides don’t get the media coverage they should get because they are anti-establishment. The establishment is the status quo and for you to challenge that you are uprooting, you are destroying the machine that everybody is profiting off of. The politicians are profiting, the special interests are profiting, the media companies are profiting. Everyone is profiting off of the establishment.”

Newsome was also recently interviewed by Candace Owens for her new show on PragerU.

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Yvonne Burton