Hip-Hop Artist Mint Chip Dedicates New Song To Culttture, Ali Alexander Responds

"For The Culttture"'s music video also features Culttture clips

  • Rapper Mint Chip released a new song called “For The Culttture” and the video features Culttture’s videos of influencers like Ali Alexander and Mike Cernovich over his song.
  • Ali Alexander responded, thanking Mint Chip for his creativity and inviting him to Los Angeles to shoot an official music video, which Mint Chip accepted.

The viral rapper Mint Chip dropped a new video today featuring Culttture’s clips today, and Culttture’s editorial director let Mint Chip know how we feel.

“Team at @culttture loves the song and the video of our work moved us. We’re not Universal or R.E.M. — no copyright slap,” Ali tweeted today, referencing the copyright strike given out after President Trump shared a video by Culttture’s meme master Carpe Donktum.

Ali invited Mint Chip to Los Angeles to shoot a “proper music video” and
discussed his song ‘For The Culttture’ in a periscope Sunday evening.

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Carter West



  1. The video clips were cool, but this in not American music – it doesn’t spring from the same (European) cultural roots as the American nation.

    If you wish to present yourselves as defenders of American/Western culture, you need to consider the traditions out of which your promotional materials arise.

    Reminder: American culture rose from the roots of –
    1. Classical Antiquity
    2. Christianity
    3. European (primarily English) people.

    1. America is for the gathering of the lost tribes to prepare for Christ.
      The tribe of Manasseh is clearly given a gift of spiritual truth. All music of the last 100 years is a product of their gifts.
      It is no coincidence once their art was accessible to all of us we got enlighted and gained more economic wealth and prosperity than ever before.
      They are part of the founding of America we are all tested tamers of wilderness.
      Put someone from that tribe in a social situation with others they control the culture. I hope they can get freed from the oppression they face so we can more benefit from their vision.