HOAX: CNN Removed Ali Alexander’s Portrait to Hide His Black Skin, Call Him Racist

CNN is talking nonstop about Alexander's tweet on Kamala Harris's ancestry, but deliberately removed his picture from the tweet.

Prominent conservative Ali Alexander has gone viral after tweeting about the truth of Kamala Harris‘s Indian and Jamaican slave owning ancestors.

Yet even with Alexander’s tweet draped over CNN’s programming, his face is missing from the picture.

In fact, CNN deliberately removed Alexander’s portrait from its screenshot of his tweet – hiding the image of the tweet’s black author while falsely accusing him of racism against a black woman.

On both Brian Stelter and Wolf Blitzer’s shows, the profile picture of Alexander had been removed.

In the clip below, CNN’s panel holds an extended discussion about Alexander’s tweet while never once mentioning that he is an African-American.

Chris Cuomo also held a panel discussion without disclosing Alexander’s ethnicity, and also failed to contact him for a comment.

Similarly, CNN’s Stelter allowed the press secretary for Kamala Harris to label Alexander’s words as “racist,” with no objection that Alexander is African-American, and no opportunity for Alexander to defend himself from the absurd accusation.

Most telling of all, CNN’s Don Lemon made nearly the exact same comments as Alexander months prior. CNN not only failed to mention its own anchor mirroring Alexander’s tweet, it kept Lemon off the air on Monday night.

CNN’s behavior in belittling African-Americans is reportedly characteristic of the network. Black employees filed a class-action lawsuit against CNN in 2016.

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Andrew Meyer