‘Unemployed’ Hunter Biden Spotted Wearing $7200 Tom Ford Jacket

Hunter Biden caught in a more than $7000 jacket from Neiman Marcus amid child support controversy

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his pockets full of money just can’t stay out of the headlines
  • Recent DNA tests show Hunter Biden is the father of Lunden Roberts child
  • Biden was appointed to the Board of Directors for a Ukrainian energy business, Burisma, where he received a lavish monthly payout
  • Roberts is seeking financial information about Hunter Biden’s work at Burisma after he stiffed her; He’s claiming he has no monthly income
  • Biden’s new wife is pregnant with their child

Hunter Biden, who was hired by the foreign energy company Burisma which has been accused of corruption finds himself at the heart of the what Democrats are calling improper conversations between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian officials. President Trump maintains he has every right—going as far to say he has a duty—to investigate any recent corruption that involved the United States government.

Democrats admit that following the money trail doesn’t look for the Bidens. Hunter Biden claims to be a former crack addict and has poured through millions of dollars in compensation for jobs some say he didn’t do.

His love life reads a similar circus. Hunter Biden divorced his first wife and started dating his deceased brother’s widow. He then impregnated a stripper and is refusing to pay child support. A court ordered paternity test proved Biden to be the father. Now he’s galavanting around in his Tom Ford jacket from Neiman Marcus.

The blue suede jacket lists for $7,290.00 but promises free shipping and free returns.

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich throws some shade directed at some of the “trad life” e-celebs.

Lunden Roberts is suing Hunter Biden for child support and seeking access to his financial records. Hunter Biden claims he is unemployed and has no monthly income.

That jacket though…

President Trump and his allies have pointed to Hunter Biden’s connections and payoffs by companies in Ukraine and China, respectively, whilst his father was the sitting Vice President of the United States.

It sure seems to pay being a Biden.

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Yvonne Burton