Jack and Kevin Posobiec Give the New Star Wars Movie Four Thumbs Down

The Posobiec brothers reviewed the newest Star Wars film, and Force-choked the life out of it à la Darth Vader.

Jack Posobiec has been critical of the new Star Wars films for years, and he really went all out on the newest release.

Jack tagged in his brother Kevin Posobiec for a livestream review of the film, and the Poso bros proceeded to drop flying elbows on the new movie.

“I could have imagined a better movie in my head than what was on the screen,” said Kevin Posobiec, who called the film “Snore Wars.”

Jack’s wife Tanya Tay Posobiec said she stopped paying attention after 20 minutes.

On Twitter, Jack Posobiec said, “At this point I would be up for just producing a full deep fake Star Wars sequel trilogy.”

Posobiec had a host of hot takes on the movie. Spoiler alert!

Posobiec’s comments on the overt “girl power” theme of the new trilogy were backed up by a viral comment online featuring pictures of the original Star Wars writers versus the new Star Wars writers.

“Some people are trying to say these women aren’t TROS writers,” wrote Tony Hrvatska. “A few are writers. The rest are something even worse. They are cultural commissars who oversee writers and set the direction for Star Wars. Movies are written in corporate boardrooms now.”

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Clint Whitney