Jack Murphy’s Interview with Jack Posobiec Reveals the Character of OAN’s Star Reporter

"Jack did our entire interview in cargo shorts and flip flops. Listen to the podcast to see for yourself," Murphy told Culttture

Jack Murphy, author of the book Democrat to Deplorable, sat down with Jack Posobiec at the OANN Washington D.C. Bureau for a deep dive into the world of political narrative, the intelligence community and how Posobiec rose to digital prominence.

The rapport between the two was apparent from the opening seconds, with Posobiec joking that the podcast was, “brought to you by My Sheets, buy My Sheets.”

Murphy has relaunched his podcast in concert with his new men’s organization, the Liminal Order.

Posobiec spoke about the wisdom gained from living abroad, and how it made him more patriotic.

“You cannot understand the United States until you spend a significant time outside of it,” Posobiec said.

While working for the US Chamber of Commerce in China, Posobiec had direct dealings with future the future President of the PRC, Xi Jinping, commenting that everybody knew even then that he was on his way to the top.

The conversation moved on to Posobiec’s entrance into the military intelligence community and his time at the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

After a brief overview of the ONI training process, and a decent Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, Posobiec answered Murphy’s questions on interrogation strategy and tactics, prisoner conditions, social dynamics within the detainee population, and some of the legal requirements attached to the process.

The infamous picture of detainees in orange jumpsuits was discussed, with Posobiec highlighting the fact that the picture was of the first group of detainees to be brought to the prison, and was taken during a brief holding period before entering the actual facility.

Turning to the impact the recent warfare and invasion activities have had on foreign perceptions of the US, Posobiec remarked that much of the world views these confrontations as a “David vs. Goliath” situation, and how that perception is not entirely inaccurate.

Connections between the #MAGA movement and the anti-war movement were drawn. Posobiec offered a brief analysis suggesting that, in addition to the American lives lost, the fortune spent on interventionist policies and the lost opportunities to solve domestic issues were a common cause of frustration.

Moving on to Posobiec’s meteoric rise to social media prominence, a brief mention of his original AngryGOTFan persona, and how his understanding of the social media landscape was shaped by it, the conversation turned to 2016 when he became involved with Citizens For Trump.

After detailing several more stops on his way to his current position as a host on conservative news outlet OANN, Posobiec offered a salient bit of advice regarding social media, suggesting that cultivating a personal brand and style of engagement would provide the most opportunities for engagement.

On the campaign trail, Posobiec connected with prominent journalists and activists, and developed a network of contacts that quickly brought him an opportunity to become a full-time political journalist.

Posobiec also discussed the media’s deception in associating him with the Pizzagate controversy. Posobiec highlighted the manipulative tactics and narrative tools that the liberal media puts to use in their smear campaigns of prominent conservative personalities – such as failing to mention tweets like the one below.

As the conversation was coming to a close, Murphy asked whether the smearing and the effects on his reputation Posobiec suffered at the hands of the MSM would ever be overcome.

Posobiec answered that he no longer viewed the overtly political and salacious tactics employed against him through a serious lens. He cited his strong family relationships, serious journalistic efforts bolstered by his intelligence connections, and the fact that the people who matter, including President Trump himself, take his work seriously as the reasons behind his ability to brush off the attacks with good humor.

The conversation ended on a highly relevant note, with both Posobiec and Murphy calling for activists and journalists on all sides to avoid violence, and to report responsibly and truthfully when violence occurs, rather than using tragedy for political leverage.

As to Murphy’s note to Culttture that – “Jack did our entire interview in cargo shorts and flip flops. Listen to the podcast to see for yourself,” – Posobiec responded with one word – “LIES.”

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