Jack Posobiec Introduces “MAGAphobic” To Describe Anti-Trump Hate Crimes

The spate of recent attacks against people wearing MAGA hats has spawned a term to describe it

With a flurry of recent attacks on people wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats in public, a new term has been introduced to describe such hate crimes – “Magaphobic.”

OANN reporter and 4D Warfare author Jack Posobiec has memed the word “magaphobic” into reality to describe anti-MAGA hat hate crimes.

Twitter users such as @alx have cited stories such as the Tennessee man pulling a gun on a married couple wearing MAGA hats as “magaphobic.”

Posobiec also highlighted a hateful slur that has been used against MAGA supporters: “magat.”

The term “magaphobia” is already gaining widespread use online.

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Andrew Meyer