Joe Biggs Unsuspended From Chase Bank, Calls For Boycott

Chase Bank recently suspended the accounts of several independent media personalities

  • Outspoken conservative veteran Joe Biggs discovered his bank account suspended last week without any explanation from Chase Bank.
  • Biggs contacted his local bank office and was told they cannot tell him why he was suspended.
  • Biggs’s tweet about Chase Bank closing his account went viral.
  • Employees from Chase contacted Biggs after receiving backlash and restored his account.

Joe Biggs spoke out regarding Chase Bank shutting down his account out of the blue on Wednesday.

Biggs told OAN’s Jack Posobiec how his account was suspended for no reason and how Chase only offered to restore his account after his tweet about the incident went viral. Biggs is calling for a boycott of Chase Bank due to their seemingly targeted closures of the accounts of independent media personalities, and encouraged people to tweet the hashtag #DumpChase.

Culttture covered the closure of black conservative Enrique Tarrio’s Chase account two weeks ago, and Laura Loomer’s online Chase banking suspension earlier this week. “Goth-right” commentator Martina Markota also had her account shut down by Chase earlier this month.

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Yvonne Burton