Prominent YouTuber Joey Salads Seeks To Represent ‘The Forgotten Borough’ in Congressional Run

Joey announced his bid for a congressional seat in New York's 11th District on Tuesday morning.

  • Tuesday evening, Youtuber Joey Salads, popular for his pranks and comedy sketches, announced his bid for a congressional run via Twitter.
  • He is running as a Republican candidate for Congress in New York District 11.
  • In his tweet, he referred to his home town, Staten Island, as “The Forgotten Borough.”
  • His social media presence has a reach of over 10 million followers and 1 billion views per year.

In his announcement, Saladino said that he “wants to use his voice on social media for good,” and that the “forgotten borough” will be forgotten no more.

For more information on his campaign, visit Joey’s campaign website.

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Libby Brooks