‘Journalists’ Cover Up Mike Cernovich’s Lawsuit Leading to Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest

Cernovich won his court case to access records on sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and reporters are erasing him from the story.

Mike Cernovich won big in court yesterday, with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that his lawsuit to unseal documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case should prevail.

Epstein was arrested yesterday, and many are crediting Cernovich’s pursuit of the documents in this case for the arrest.

As the story of Epstein’s arrest and Cernovich’s victory to retrieve the records in Epstein’s case broke on Twitter, many reporters refused to mention Cernovich in their reporting.

“In real time, ‘reporters’ who know better are trying to write me out of the story,” tweeted Cernovich. “This is dishonest. I filed the lawsuit, which got almost no media coverage other than this article.”

Cernovich gave the Miami Herald credit for their part in following up his motion to get the records in Epstein’s case, but stated bluntly, “Not truthful to pretend I didn’t sue to break open this case and raised hell.”

Many of the hundreds of thousands of Cernovich’s Twitter followers made sure to let blue-checked “journalists” know who first filed a motion to retrieve the records in Epstein’s case.

Even the Dean of the University of Missouri School of Law failed to credit Cernovich.

Evidence against Epstein was buried from the public eye in 2007 at the behest of prosecutors.

Cernovich’s documentary Hoaxed, which explores the malfeasance of the media, is available here.

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Andrew Meyer