Jussie Smollett Indicted For Felony Disorderly Conduct

Chicago police officially named Smollett as a suspect in a criminal investigation earlier today.

  • ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett was indicted for felony disorderly conduct today by a Cook County grand jury.
  • Earlier today, Smollett was officially named a suspect in a Chicago PD investigation intended to discover whether Smollett filed a false police report regarding the hate crime Smollett claims he was victimized by in January.
  • In the weeks following the attack, Smollett’s story came under more scrutiny as it was revealed he knew the alleged perpetrators, and subsequently stopped assisting the police in their investigation.

Local Chicago journalists first reported that evidence incriminating Smollett was being presented to a Cook County Grand jury today, and an indictment was “imminent.”

Smollett and his legal team are maintaining Smollett’s initial account– that two masked men wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats attacked him and tied a noose around his neck while shouting “This is MAGA country!”

Chicago reporter Charlie DeMar revealed a video today that may show two Nigerian brothers Smollett allegedly hired preparing to perpetrate the ‘attack.’

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Carter West


One Comment

  1. I guess once the lie is out there you have to stick with it. But seriously? It’s already been quoted by the MSM that he told police the attackers were white. Now the 2 Nigerians are admitting that they helped him stage the incident. Even if you overlook all of the other, and there’s plenty of them, inconsistencies in his story- this one point is more than enough to not believe anything Jussie says!