Kaitlin Bennett Builds Huge Following in Face of Assaults by Crazed Protesters

The popular reporter for Liberty Hangout has built a massive fan base in the wake of her initial fame as the 'Kent State Gun Girl.'

Kaitlin Bennett is one of the world’s most popular news personalities in the world under the age of 25.

She also might be the most assaulted.

Known first as the “Kent State Gun Girl” for her viral graduation photo featuring a rifle on her back, Bennett may be best known now among her fans for her viral videos.

Time and again, Bennett will confront mobs of angry protesters and ask them why they are protesting. With alarming frequency, Bennett gets assaulted for asking questions.

In the first minute of the video “Lights for Liberty,” Bennett is assaulted twice while asking protesters about illegal immigration.

In the video “Liberal Women in 2019,” a protester tells Bennett, “I hope somebody f*cking holds you down and rapes you.”

In another video, Bennett was assaulted at a Gay Pride event in Des Moines, Iowa. Outside of a Trump rally in Orlando, an anti-Trump protestor spit on her microphone. Bennett’s cameraman was assaulted by Pete Buttigieg fans in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Bennett was also assaulted at a march to impeach President Trump in Washington, D.C.

In the video, “Watching Baseball While Conservative,” Bennett was stalked by women at a baseball game, and her fiancée Justin was assaulted.

When she isn’t being assaulted, Bennett is a quick-witted interviewer, often leading to the unexpected emergence of comedy in her conversations.

In the video “Believe Women,” Bennett asked a woman who claimed to believe all women’s rape claims if she believes Bennett’s instant rape claim against her male friend.

“Aaah he just raped me. Do you believe me?” Bennett asks.

The woman began stuttering, and did not believe Bennett.

Bennett has spoken out about how her viral graduation photo has led her down the path of pursuing her activism in a video called, “How My Graduation Photo Changed My Life.”

Whether she’s questioning protesters, talking to Logan Paul, or shooting machine guns with Alex Jones, Bennett is making a major impact, and even changing minds.

In a video called, “Obama Supporter Has An Awakening,” Bennett and Trump supporter Joel Patrick had a deep conversation with an Obama supporter that seemed to change her mind on a variety of subjects. The video received over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

In another clip, Bennett received over 25 million views after Bernie Sanders’s staff threw her out of a rally just for being in attendance.

In the changing world of digital journalism, Bennett’s viral success is helping to define how people get their news, and what they consider journalism.

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Andrew Meyer