Kamala Harris’s Press Secretary Launches Racist Attack on Ali Alexander

Ian Sams went on a racist tirade this evening, calling prominent African-American conservative Ali Alexander "a troll."

Ian Sams, the press secretary for Democrat Kamala Harris, went on a racist tirade this evening.

Sams called prominent African-American conservative Ali Alexander “a troll” for discussing the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) movement, and Harris’s false claims to ADOS heritage.

Sams launched his racist attack after Alexander went viral amplifying the truth of Harris’s heritage. Harris’s parents do not descend from African-Americans, but from India and a Jamaican family whose ancestors owned slaves.

“The white communications staffers of the Kamala Harris campaign have weaponized their presidential campaign against me because they didn’t like that tweeted something during the debate,” Alexander tweeted. “Unbelievably racist and vile. Worst tactics in politics to bully me.”

CNN’s Don Lemon has made the exact same argument as Alexander, saying “There is a difference between being African-American and being black.”

Sams’s team has pushed several false stories including accusing Alexander of “birtherism,” while Alexander has stated several times that Harris was born in Oakland.

Another smear Harris’s allies in the media have told is that Alexander is “alt-right.” In fact, Alexander has inspired several young men to leave the alt-right, and the alt-right has harassed Alexander for several years.

Human Events editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam responded to Sams’s racist attack, tweeting “Kamala Harris’s National Press Secretary has nothing better to do on July 4th than attack black conservatives. Sick. Sad. Lonely. What a campaign!”

Prominent African-American conservative CJ Pearson also responded to Sams’s racist attack, tweeting “Did a senior aide to Kamala Harris just accuse black conservative Ali of promulgating “racist attacks” on Kamala Harris? Since when were valid criticisms…racist? Being a black conservative doesn’t make one *less* black. Your racism is showing, Ian.”

Alexander himself is outraged at Sam’s racist attack, writing “I’m an African-American activist and I’ve done politics for 12 years, at the highest levels. I’m not a troll, regardless of your failure to comprehend that Don Lemon was right—Kamala Harris is brown but not African-American. YOU’RE the one being racist. For votes! Disgusting!”

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Andrew Meyer