YouTube Heavyweight Keemstar Proposes Joe Rogan Versus Alex Jones Debate

Keemstar has proposed a debate between Alex Jones and Joe Rogan, and Alex reportedly accepted

  • Keemstar is a YouTube star with nearly five million subscribers.
  • Alex Jones has been calling out podcast host Joe Rogan for weeks.
  • Rogan disparaged Jones and refused to allow him back on his podcast after Jones was banned by YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The proposed debate was first mentioned on Twitter by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.

With Alex Jones and Joe Rogan throwing down in a war of words over the airwaves, a proposed debate is brewing. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars announced on Twitter that Daniel Keem, known on YouTube as Keemstar, is offering to host a debate between Jones and Rogan on his show.

According to Watson, one half of this potential debate is already raring to go. “Alex is ready to roll, but he thinks Joe [will] p**sy out,” Watson tweeted.

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Andrew Meyer