Keith Olbermann Targets Hunter, Directs Twitter Followers to ‘Make His Life a Living Hell’

The tweet was later removed and the ESPN reporter (who has been fired for so many other jobs) apologized.

  • ESPN reporter Keith Olbermann tweeted yesterday about a hunter who had killed a rare white turkey
  • Olbermann, who has over 1 million followers, directed his followers to “make his life a living hell”
  • Ali Alexander pointed out the tweet violates Twitter’s Terms of Service regarding targeted harassment

Keith Olbermann tweeted about a hunter who had killed a turkey during turkey season in Mississippi that happened to be unusual because it was white. Olbermann directed his over 1 million followers to make the rest of his life a living hell after the hunter posted a photo of the turkey on social media.

Several people on twitter were outraged that Olbermann would direct attention on this hunter when he has such a huge platform. The possible impact of such massive attention could have dangerous consequences which is why Twitter has rules about targeted harassment to protect people from situations like this.

After receiving backlash on this and several people reporting Olbermann he finally deleted the tweet and posted an apology. A lot of people also questioned why he was able to keep his blue check mark when other people like Milo Yiannopolis and Laura Loomer lost theirs before their permanent suspensions.

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Yvonne Burton