Krassenstein Brothers Deny Grifting Off Haitian Tragedy, Using Young Son As Face of Scams

Brian and Ed Krassenstein were caught in a litany of grifts, including taking advantage of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti for clout.

Before they were banned from Twitter in May, Brian and Ed Krassenstein were known for posting far left and often nonsensical remarks as replies to seemingly every President Trump tweet.

When the brothers were banned, they denied buying accounts and faking their engagement for clout. In an epic Twitter thread, Fraude’s Last Gig reported the Krassensteins have a long history of buying accounts, and far worse.

The brothers reportedly owned an auction site where customers with winning bids received….nothing. But that’s not the worst allegation. The Krassensteins reportedly used Ed’s 3-year-old son as the face of the scam.

In an email to Culttture, Ed Krassenstein denied that his son’s photo from the account “KrazyKrazzos” promoting the sale of $100 Amazon gift cards for one penny on was used by the account at the time of the gift card sales. Krassenstein also disclaimed ownership of BidFight after the year 2009.

Ed Krassenstein also claimed that he was not made a manager of a Facebook page promising to give money to the victims of the 2010 earthquake that decimated Haiti until well after the grift had been posted.

The page never reached the near-impossible 10 million follower goal that would trigger their pledge to the victims, and was later used to post spam articles, as the Krassensteins have done on many other pages.

Brian Krassenstein denied buying any accounts, calling it a “flat out lie.”

Fraude’s Last Gig traced an account, literally named “BuyingAccounts” to the Krassensteins.

Don’t expect to see the Krassensteins back on Twitter, ever.

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Andrew Meyer