Lawrence Jones Viral Bulletproof Vest Photo Triggers AOC

AOC claims Fox News is trying to make the Southern border look more dangerous than it actually is.

  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) mocked Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones after a photo of him wearing a bullet proof vest at the Southern border went viral.
  • In a tweet responding to the picture, AOC said “Does ‘live from the border’ mean party city?” and accused Fox news of making the border look more dangerous than it is.
  • Lawrence responded by saying that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) instructed him to wear the vest for his own safety.

After Jones tweeted out photos of himself at the Southern border wearing a bulletproof vest, AOC called him out in a tweet of her own, suggesting he was being overly dramatic and that Fox News was trying to make the border look more dangerous than it really is.

She included the Twitter handle of MSNBC contributor Jacob Soboroff who has been down to the border and claimed CBP did not ask him to wear a bullet proof vest.

AOC’s tweet had garnered almost 10,000 tweets but the replies are more than 12,000 and counting, with many users responding with disturbing photos and stories of what they believe is going on at the border. The very first reply showed a tweet by Brandon Darby, Director of Breitbart’s Border and Cartel Chronicles, with a photo of a dead body that is missing its head. The tweet has since been censored by Twitter.

Lawrence was on Fox News last night with Sean Hannity explaining the viral bulletproof vest photo. He talked about the gun fights that have been happening in the last two years and the increase in violence against border patrol agents that has skyrocketed by around two hundred percent.

Media analyst and author, Mark Dice, tweeted out a photo of a border patrol vehicle that had gun shot holes in the door.

Even President Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson called the Southern border “very definitely a crisis,” after citing the high (and rising) number of apprehensions taking place.

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Yvonne Burton