MAGA Influencers Support Grenell for UN Ambassador

Richard Grenell has served with honor in Germany but many feel he deserves the vacant UN posting.

(@MunSecConf) Amb. Richard Grenell (left) pictured with Speaker Pelosi (center) at the Munich Security Conference.
  • President Trump’s base has called for Richard Grenell to be nominated to the UN ambassadorship.
  • The vacancy derives from Nikki Haley’s resignation in October.
  • MAGA influencers have thrown their support behind Grenell, citing his honorable service abroad.

After Nikki Haley resigned her position as US Ambassador to the United Nations last October, the administration considered Heather Nauert to replace her, though Nauert will no longer be considered for nomination.

Influencers in the MAGA movement have called for Richard Grenell’s appointment to the posting. Grenell is currently serving as the US Ambassador to Germany and has been a consistent supporter of President Trump’s America First policies.

Never Trump conspiracy theorist and recently fired USA Today columnist, Cheri Jacobus, smeared supporters as ‘alt-right’ and spoke against supporting Grenell in an attempt to hurt the debate.

Numerous influencers threw their support behind Grenell following Nikki Haley’s resignation. More recently, however, support for Grenell has grown and gained momentum among the mainstream conservative movement.

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Justin Mapp

Justin Mapp is a culture critic and writer for Culttture and previously a freelance national security correspondent.